Repair Services

........We provide complete epoxy concrete repairs for horizontal, vertical, and even overhead repairs. Our concrete repair systems have excellent adhesion and have far better chemical, and impact resistance than cement materials. They can be installed in a single step and fast curing times, thereby minimizing downtime.

........Each project has its own unique needs when it come s to protecting and repairing its concrete floors and walls. We can offer custom solutions to fit your budget, time frame, and safety objectives. We provide you with bright, reflective floor coatings that are easy to clean and maintain, and providing a safe walking surface for your employees. They are also tough enough to handle constant heavy vehicle traffic. 


........We provide full service concrete repair, crack repair, epoxy coatings, and decorative concrete to fit your needs and budget as well. You will receive the same quality floor as a commercial application with an attractive and impressive look and feel. We appreciate all projects small or large.


........Commercial facilities need coatings that provide a great looking, easy to maintain floor that provides a safe walking surface for their customers and employees. The epoxy system that we install are tough enough to withstand the daily foot traffic and cleanings while providing a showroom appearance. Our clear top coats will hide scuff and tire marks without the need for stripping and waxing. This results in significant maintenance cost savings. 

........Food and Beverage facilities pose one of the most challenging environments for floors. Yes we have floor solutions for constant moisture, thermal shock, highly aggressive chemical cleaners, employee safety and heavy wear conditions. These epoxies have no odor where it can't be tolerated
and downtime must be kept to a minimum.

........Whether your needs are drum storage or unloading areas, trenches and sumps, pump bases, secondary containment , or tank linings, we've got you covered. Our epoxies provide long term protection for your concrete against a wide variety of concentrated acids, solvents, and caustics. They can be applied in a single step reducing your down time and the chance of inter-coat adhesion failures.


........Just a few of our epoxy systems include colored quarts, color flake, high build colored coatings, 1/4" + troweled epoxy overlays, epoxy line striping, and many more. We provide decorative concrete staining, all types of decorative overlays, floor logos, etc... Custom colors are available on request. Our systems have excellent damp adhesion and enhanced toughness resulting in better resistance to thermal and mechanical shock compared to harder, more brittle conventional materials. We have epoxies that have zero - low VOC's where odor can't be tolerated. We have fast cure materials where quick turnaround is mandatory. 


........We have a full line of steel shot blasting machines and other concrete prep equipment. If all you need is us to shot blast your shop, warehouse, etc... We provide that service as well.

Repair Services: It is just one of the great options offered by
Cornorstone Decorative Concrete Professionals

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